Monday, 30 December 2013

Don't you ever feel like your on a never ending rollercoaster.

I would to begin to introduce myself I'm Claire 28 years old live with my fiancĂ©  of 5 years we have two guinea pigs Missy and Maisy.

My long winded journey began in 2009 I've joined slimming world that many times I forgot when I first started. Dieting is easy even the word Diet makes me depressed, so i ask myself why do i keep joining because i know Slimming World Works for me but being the same weight yoing yoing up and down the same weight for a few years now.

I keep starting writing this blog on and off too.

I've made a whatsapp group there 6 of us in this group they feel like my sisters so glad I did the group it motivates us.

So I bet you all wondering why I am doing this again, writing again. I need to be focused. Everything to stay on track I'm doing.

*Pictures of myself
* Reward Charts
*Meal plans

I have about 6st to lose to target then that would be 10st lost.

I'm starting to do this myself if I fail I will return to group, my other half will be joining me.

Stay tuned and watch this space, more blogs over the coming days

A picture of me Sept 2013..

Facebook: Claire Slimming
Instragram: @Slimmingclaire

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Take 4

Well hello there,

 I started back on my journey two weeks ago joined Slimming World for the forth time so week one was a success with a lose of 3.5lb which a great start.

I'm cooking again which is great we having fake away on a weekend so far this weekend we had pizza Friday and Saturday (yesterday) we had donner kebab who needs take away. Also fitted in czech low alcohol beer for the sinage of 1 amazing.

* week made an appearance on friday so we will see what happens hoping the scales will be good to be this week has im being on plan 100% apart wanting chocolate i have had asda milk chocolate treat-size bubble delicious for sinage of 3 each.

Well I'm back to working nights til next week and only managing two meals I know I'm eating enough only days i eat a full 3 meals is Sunday and Monday.

I've decided to blog again once a week on a Sunday.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Double Dose

Sorry guys it a double dose today went into work yesterday early, by the time I woke up got ready had food it was time to go to work.

so yesterdays was 100% again. Green Day

Breakfast this was at work on break was 35g of bran flakes semi skimmed milk (hea, heb) used. followed by fruit nectarine melon, honeydew and watermelon, 2 british plums. also a rhuharb shape yoghurt  for 0.5 sin.

Came home and I really fancy something filling so came up the only was Slimming World friendly fry up. 2 quorn sausages 2 sin baked beans, mushrooms, 2 eggs, plum tomato decide to follow up with more fruit strawberries, more melon.

Tea was Quorn Bolognaise with spaghetti did had a bit of chilli sauce 0.5 accompanied with salad. Decided on a little treat frozen curly wurly 6 sins.

some people are going to think this is  weird but fancied smash, gravy and mint sauce that a total of 2 sin. Had also 2 aldi benefit bars has extra heb

So yesterdays total was 8.5 sin not bad going.

On to today: Another Green Day

On break today had 2 Weetabix and semi skimmed milk with strawberries, 2 plums, nectarine.(hea,heb) used

When I got home I was in the to make or cook anything. I had a cherry 0% activia yoghurt delicious.

Woke up at 18:30 fancied chips so came up  with 5 quorn  bbq bites, 5 sin, 1 quorn hot dog 1 sin, chips baked beans and side salad some chilli sauce 0.5. so tonight tea was 6.5 sin but really enjoyed not too sure about quorn hot dogs though.
Dessert will be Strawberries and another activia yoghurt.

Haven't decided what to use my other heb and hea yet.

After doing two days of red days I fancied carbie days I think I will do extra easy tomorrow.

So I have decide Saturday is my official weigh in day. I started on Monday so I will see what 5 days of eating healthy has done to my weight loss. After speaking with my other half has Saturdays is going to be my weigh in days for the next two weeks we going out I'm going to have what I like but not excessive and back on plan day after where has before I would of continued eating naughties. But not no more.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It feels good to be back

Yesterday was day one and felt good to be back, sometimes I find it hard to get back on Slimming World Bus, with me one naughty day turns into another then another and before you know it, a week. In my head I think oh well I blew it now and it spirals out of control.

I'm back to doing basics trying red days for a few days, even doing Slimming World for years I still use the Food Optisming book to look at what healthy extras measurement.

I weighed myself yesterday and I'm 16st 6.5lb. I do wonder will I ever get into the 15's been this weight nearly 2 years up and down like a yoyo. I need to believe in myself and believe I can do this.

I will be taking each 1/2st a step at time not looking at the bigger picture.

Doing night shifts well can be hard work especially fitting food in Sleep vs Food.

Day 2 consists of.

Breakfast on break at work.

2 Weetabix(heb) milk from milk (hea) allowance, followed by fruit plum, nectarine and another shape Rhubarb crumble you worth 0.5sin

Snack was watermelon, honeydew melon and nectarine

Tea was delicious smoked haddock carrot and swede and veg accompanied with melted low low cheese (hea) used.

Pudding was delicious 2 melted pink n whites 5 sin and other apple crumble yoghurt.

Will be making Ham and vegetable soup.

Pictures below of meals today

Monday, 19 August 2013

Long time no speak

Well the last time I blogged was January, this is quite shocking really how you let thing slide.

This diet has taken it toll, decisions on which one I should follow did sign up for Rosemary Conley did lose 5.5lb in the first week. however has the week went on it just didn't feel right. I'm a Slimming World Girl end of.

So after following a few groups I knew it felt right to go back to Slimming World, I won't be attending any class any time soon, I will be doing it from home if I fail doing this at home I will join a class.

There one of the groups I'm on it called Don't Feed the White Robins, this group amazing love the support even when people have a bad day no one judges. Made some great friends.

Today is Day 1 this has been successful- Giving Red Day a bash this week. I will see how I get on.

Doing nights shifts so need to plan more.

Here are my meals:

Breakfast was a fruit salad

Lunch Ham salad with 5 rye crispbread(heb) and 3 Extra light laughing cow (hea)

Tea was Pepsi Max chicken with stirred fried rice and roasted veg

I will end the day with a galaxy hot chocolate 2 sins also apple crumble yoghurt 0.5 that's all the sins I've had today. I will leave it there for today. Start my night shift 12am this is going to be a long night.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sw buddies..

hello my lovely readers, cant believe nearly two thousands readers whoop whoop,

im sorry i havent been around had totally three days off, back on the wagon today. I really do need to thank some sw buddies they are always there for me  esp this weekend the two karens, which i love reading there blogs on a daily basis,

my day has been great only 1.5 syns used. So shall we start brekfast consisted of the nearly found dorset cereal simply fruit 40g heb these are always on two karens blogs, mixed with fat free rhubab and vanilla yog with kiwi and side of melon.

After i completed my book on the kindle which was a must has i got into this book really quickly lunch was cooking away ,  a nice sunday roast pork with all the trimmings only syn was the gravy 1.5 syns.

After watching tv for a while got a little peckish so i had some tea, i fancied some pasta , so i came up with my recipe tuna pasta bake, ingredients patsa, tuna, paasta, chilli powder, mixed herbs left over sunday veg and hea cheese this made large dish and small dish leftovers for tomorrow. cook pasta first then throw everything in mix well add grated cheese 180 for 15 min until cheese melted i served this with a little salad.

Our new sundays line up was watching the hotel which is so funny, and mr selfridges old fashioned drama to be fair im not into old fashioned but i am liking this. while this was on i decided i wanted egg chips and beans guess what that what i had including mushrooms this was delicious who would have thought this was free food.

I tend to stick to diet better when im at home i tend to cook more,  i would like to thank everyone for supporting me on my sw journey long may it continue.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday soon come round.

Monday soon comes round quick enough. lately i dont know what it is with me and two o clock going to bed, anyway i woke up feeling not hungry but felt need to eat so had some strawberries and kiwi this was delicious, great just to pick at.

I tend not plan in advance has i just cant keep to it, so i tend to plan night before in my head, we had some parnsips left over so i decided to make spicy parsnip and lentil soup, ingredients- parsnip, veg stock, red lentils, little chilli powder, curry powder simmer on hob for 25/30 min then biltz in blender this is gorgeous that great i had two bowls, enough left for tomorrow and my partner took some to work with him.

so.. time for work before this i prepared tea to take which was bacon lettuce and tomato and mayo 1 syn on bread heb, taken some fruit with me 2 oranges apple and a pear.

Tempatation came the  better of me I had a mini chomp 3 syn mini curley wurley 3.5 syn also had 3 haribo neow chews aint got a clue on syns, but you know what still feel totally incontrol.

Has i type got a syn free chilli con carne in slow cooker ready for tomorrow or wednesday lunch.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday done and dusted success

I woke up not feeling hungry but did manage to eat four pieces of fruit for brekafast. Im trying to save has much syns has i can has i had a bottle of red yesterday 27 syn i consumed a total of 35 syn, so continuing doing less than 5 syns a day until weigh in day which is on thursday.

Yesterday after I posted my blog i was hungry so i had a apple and pear which i am dead proud of because i would have gone off the rails after having a drink. so go me.

Feels great to be incontrol again, food diary still being written even having the bottle of wine yestday got written down.

Later on in the day fancied a good old sw fry up all syn free and a heb was used.

Visited my inlaws today which was great to get out of the house, came back and did a quorn sunday roast only syn was gravy 1.5 delicious.

Later followed by strawberries and kiwi with fat free yog

Altogether a great success back to work tomorrow planning already started for tomorrow meals thinking i have got some parsnips left so thinking spicy parsnip soups.

so till tomorrow.

heres to another success on plan

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Its the weekend.

Its the weekend. My intensions were good today no alcohol, until I arrived at my moms and dadsand some late xmas presents were there involved alcohol.

So after moms went up town to local green groceries brought loads for 6.36, potatos, plum, strawberries, cabbage, spring onion, gem lettuce, cucumber, orange, tomatoes,egg.

Breakfast was well lets just say simple a yoghurt, i know no superfood had a orange when I got to moms and dads.

I didnt have no lunch naughty of me I know wasnt hungry, went a trip up asda and by the time I came back it was 3 o clock so I just prepared tea. I love this tea I call it fakeaway night has it was donner kebab homemade chips and salad syns were 3 extra for heb and sauces were one each and melt some cheese spread it not the same has low low im afraid,

Like Ive said before I had some wine for xmas so synned 27 syn for the bottle this means less syns in week which is do able.

I also got brought some champagne truffles which is my abosult favourite these are 3 syns each ouch so I had one and froze the rest to stop me picking  Great idea i thought hehe.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Red day completed....


im getting into the habit of blogging regularly, I seem to be going to bed rather late 2 am to be exact, this makes me tired so not waking up till late and here me saying I will go to the gym so I'm going to get out of that habit quick amd start going to the gym early morning.

I woke up in mind of a red day so its all meat fish and poultary and no carbs which is a worth ttrying has I like my green days.

So for breakfast I choosen simply throw together for quickness frozen summer berries and activa fat free yoghurt

It was a little while before i was hungry so catch up on soaps, lunch te soon came along so in the red day frame of mind was going to have swede and carrot  mash with veg and linda mccartney red onion and herbs, however the swede and carrots wasnt mashing probably wasnt cooked so decided just to have the sausages and veg plain and simply also add tomatoes for good measure

so it was soon time to go to work.. popped into co-op ive got a thing for these yoyo bear pic before your allowed 4 for heb which is great to know, also brought a apple and banana witha bag of special k cracker 4.5 syns.

So for tea was a throw together meal involved prawns, mussels, picked onions, beetroot, extra light mayo (1)

Below are the snacks Ive eaten through work,also had some highlights hot chocolate (2)


Well hello lovely people great to see so many actually read this blog,

So first thing first thursday is my offical weigh in day, so as i approached my class i was nervous not sure why, its like when you walk for the very first time.

So i got on the scales my heart nearly jump out my mouth when i saw the figure on the scales -6lb. Im so happy lost last weeks weight so just another 5 lbto go and then its back to normal and can continue with the journey.

So there you go new in my new pack. my start weight of the year and dont want to be seeing that again.

After class popped to do little shop and found special k chilli cracker for on offer so brought a box. When i got home i fancied a snack so has 21 crackers for 4.5 syn with garlic and herb philli 2 syn

After a while it was lunch time and was on the green plan today so had some batchelors low fat chicken and herb with mixed mushrooms and stir fry veg was delicious, at this point it was off to work.

It was time for work, so pictured below were the snacks I eaten at work tired a new heb apparently you can have 4 of these but only brought one pack these were nice, reminds me of that sweet winders. so will be defiantly having these again
I did eat on the job yesterday and was on green day so could have 2 hea and 2 heb didn't know what to cook, so decided 2 weetabix and mix frozen summer berries will do. this was very filling.
We also had a highlighted hot chocolate 2 syns, lush something to warm me up.

so today's total of syns was 8.5 I'm allowing myself ten a day, still writing the food diary, my mind back focused temptation is still there but I'm learning the word NO.

Trying a red day tomorrow see how successful it is and how I get on.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back to work

So all the holidays are over and its a new year, today first back at work since Sunday.

So today I woke up late like 10:30am, would have like early so I could have gone to the gym. This would have too late to have a proper breakfast so I have chosen a light option, watch a program last night called 50 facts about exercise and diet and they say having breakfast kicks starts the metabolism,

I had the following for breakfast:
Nectarine, Banana, Muller light Toffee, this was a syn free breakfast.

My plan today  thinking a Green day, been doing extra easy several days

Wasn't long til it was nearly time to go to work, so decide to have lunch needed this to be quick, so made the following low low cheese (hea) melted added sweetcorn and pasta, oh my god this is lush I will be defiantly doing this again and this is a must on shopping list.

So at work I had my first Heb was two aldi cereal bars chocolate orange yummy.

At break I had Couscous, quorn lamb strips, spinach  mushroom, peppers, with paasta 7 spice Thai  this was lush a great through together meal, also had Vanilla mullerlight, banana, nectarine

At last my day was done at work, so I came home  still had hea and a Heb left so had Vegemite cheese on toast followed by green tea.

So it weigh in day tomorrow we will see if its a gain or a lose, either way I know I'm back on plan following 100% so i know there will be lose. Today I've had no syns, this is because I had too much drink news year eve and wanted to have less or none till tomorrow.  I'm also completing my food diary daily.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Start has we mean to go on...


First of all I need to say I'm sorry I have not blogged in time, been really busy at work, so basically all I've done is eat and sleep wake up and go to work.

So Christmas has been and new year came in with a bang, i can now officially say we getting married next year I'm sure this year will go super fast, so this more reason to get target, I have a aim getting the perfect dress for me,

We watched a movie last night called Julie & Julia, this woman blogged her food what she cooked for a year, so this is what I'm going to do put meals up, with pics. I know there are days where I'm not going to be on plan, but that shouldn't be an excuse not to blog, there is always next day to get back on track.

I've joined a gym to at a very reasonable price no excuse not to start exercising, today its closed. Weather seems dry so a nice walk with my Fiance will be nice way to start the new year. I have a app on my phone that tells me how many miles I've walked and in what time.

So Today is the 1st January 2013...

I have put on 11 lb in two weeks so the first aim is to get that off, second aim to do a little more exercise, third aim to get into primark trousers.

So these three aims should keep me going for a while. I'm taking each days has it comes has you never know what round the corner.
So each 7 lb will be an achievement in my eyes. Thinking short term rather than the bigger picture.

Woke up this morning feeling positive...

Started the day of with a delicious breakfast.
Egg, Grapefruit, Banana, Nectarine.

I love the fact I'm cooking again as the next meal was lunch, we had some left over chicken pieces so decided to make homemade chicken nuggets using a Heb, spices i used was paprika, chilli powder, garlic granules, Cayenne pepper.

After lunch we decide to go for a walk, so 27 mins we went for a walk felt good to go out. The day past and it was tea time so decide to have chicken with hot and spicy crust syn free and only £3 in asda. filled the plate with plenty of vegetables.

Tea was a total of 2.5 syns that's for honey and gravy.

Total for syn today would be 3 syns which is a great start to the new year.