Sunday, 13 October 2013

Take 4

Well hello there,

 I started back on my journey two weeks ago joined Slimming World for the forth time so week one was a success with a lose of 3.5lb which a great start.

I'm cooking again which is great we having fake away on a weekend so far this weekend we had pizza Friday and Saturday (yesterday) we had donner kebab who needs take away. Also fitted in czech low alcohol beer for the sinage of 1 amazing.

* week made an appearance on friday so we will see what happens hoping the scales will be good to be this week has im being on plan 100% apart wanting chocolate i have had asda milk chocolate treat-size bubble delicious for sinage of 3 each.

Well I'm back to working nights til next week and only managing two meals I know I'm eating enough only days i eat a full 3 meals is Sunday and Monday.

I've decided to blog again once a week on a Sunday.