Monday, 30 December 2013

Don't you ever feel like your on a never ending rollercoaster.

I would to begin to introduce myself I'm Claire 28 years old live with my fiancé  of 5 years we have two guinea pigs Missy and Maisy.

My long winded journey began in 2009 I've joined slimming world that many times I forgot when I first started. Dieting is easy even the word Diet makes me depressed, so i ask myself why do i keep joining because i know Slimming World Works for me but being the same weight yoing yoing up and down the same weight for a few years now.

I keep starting writing this blog on and off too.

I've made a whatsapp group there 6 of us in this group they feel like my sisters so glad I did the group it motivates us.

So I bet you all wondering why I am doing this again, writing again. I need to be focused. Everything to stay on track I'm doing.

*Pictures of myself
* Reward Charts
*Meal plans

I have about 6st to lose to target then that would be 10st lost.

I'm starting to do this myself if I fail I will return to group, my other half will be joining me.

Stay tuned and watch this space, more blogs over the coming days

A picture of me Sept 2013..

Facebook: Claire Slimming
Instragram: @Slimmingclaire

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