Thursday, 22 August 2013

Double Dose

Sorry guys it a double dose today went into work yesterday early, by the time I woke up got ready had food it was time to go to work.

so yesterdays was 100% again. Green Day

Breakfast this was at work on break was 35g of bran flakes semi skimmed milk (hea, heb) used. followed by fruit nectarine melon, honeydew and watermelon, 2 british plums. also a rhuharb shape yoghurt  for 0.5 sin.

Came home and I really fancy something filling so came up the only was Slimming World friendly fry up. 2 quorn sausages 2 sin baked beans, mushrooms, 2 eggs, plum tomato decide to follow up with more fruit strawberries, more melon.

Tea was Quorn Bolognaise with spaghetti did had a bit of chilli sauce 0.5 accompanied with salad. Decided on a little treat frozen curly wurly 6 sins.

some people are going to think this is  weird but fancied smash, gravy and mint sauce that a total of 2 sin. Had also 2 aldi benefit bars has extra heb

So yesterdays total was 8.5 sin not bad going.

On to today: Another Green Day

On break today had 2 Weetabix and semi skimmed milk with strawberries, 2 plums, nectarine.(hea,heb) used

When I got home I was in the to make or cook anything. I had a cherry 0% activia yoghurt delicious.

Woke up at 18:30 fancied chips so came up  with 5 quorn  bbq bites, 5 sin, 1 quorn hot dog 1 sin, chips baked beans and side salad some chilli sauce 0.5. so tonight tea was 6.5 sin but really enjoyed not too sure about quorn hot dogs though.
Dessert will be Strawberries and another activia yoghurt.

Haven't decided what to use my other heb and hea yet.

After doing two days of red days I fancied carbie days I think I will do extra easy tomorrow.

So I have decide Saturday is my official weigh in day. I started on Monday so I will see what 5 days of eating healthy has done to my weight loss. After speaking with my other half has Saturdays is going to be my weigh in days for the next two weeks we going out I'm going to have what I like but not excessive and back on plan day after where has before I would of continued eating naughties. But not no more.

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