Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sw buddies..

hello my lovely readers, cant believe nearly two thousands readers whoop whoop,

im sorry i havent been around had totally three days off, back on the wagon today. I really do need to thank some sw buddies they are always there for me  esp this weekend the two karens, which i love reading there blogs on a daily basis,

my day has been great only 1.5 syns used. So shall we start brekfast consisted of the nearly found dorset cereal simply fruit 40g heb these are always on two karens blogs, mixed with fat free rhubab and vanilla yog with kiwi and side of melon.

After i completed my book on the kindle which was a must has i got into this book really quickly lunch was cooking away ,  a nice sunday roast pork with all the trimmings only syn was the gravy 1.5 syns.

After watching tv for a while got a little peckish so i had some tea, i fancied some pasta , so i came up with my recipe tuna pasta bake, ingredients patsa, tuna, paasta, chilli powder, mixed herbs left over sunday veg and hea cheese this made large dish and small dish leftovers for tomorrow. cook pasta first then throw everything in mix well add grated cheese 180 for 15 min until cheese melted i served this with a little salad.

Our new sundays line up was watching the hotel which is so funny, and mr selfridges old fashioned drama to be fair im not into old fashioned but i am liking this. while this was on i decided i wanted egg chips and beans guess what that what i had including mushrooms this was delicious who would have thought this was free food.

I tend to stick to diet better when im at home i tend to cook more,  i would like to thank everyone for supporting me on my sw journey long may it continue.

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