Tuesday, 20 August 2013

It feels good to be back

Yesterday was day one and felt good to be back, sometimes I find it hard to get back on Slimming World Bus, with me one naughty day turns into another then another and before you know it, a week. In my head I think oh well I blew it now and it spirals out of control.

I'm back to doing basics trying red days for a few days, even doing Slimming World for years I still use the Food Optisming book to look at what healthy extras measurement.

I weighed myself yesterday and I'm 16st 6.5lb. I do wonder will I ever get into the 15's been this weight nearly 2 years up and down like a yoyo. I need to believe in myself and believe I can do this.

I will be taking each 1/2st a step at time not looking at the bigger picture.

Doing night shifts well can be hard work especially fitting food in Sleep vs Food.

Day 2 consists of.

Breakfast on break at work.

2 Weetabix(heb) milk from milk (hea) allowance, followed by fruit plum, nectarine and another shape Rhubarb crumble you worth 0.5sin

Snack was watermelon, honeydew melon and nectarine

Tea was delicious smoked haddock carrot and swede and veg accompanied with melted low low cheese (hea) used.

Pudding was delicious 2 melted pink n whites 5 sin and other apple crumble yoghurt.

Will be making Ham and vegetable soup.

Pictures below of meals today

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