Tuesday, 27 November 2012

simple things taste delicious

breakfast started with 2 weetabix made with milk (hea)(heb) followed by melon. Was a great start to the day

after this needed to go out popped into green groceries got a great bargain on veg ready for the week ahead.

lunch closely followed was looking forward to this has havent had this in such a long time, tuna and sweetcorn mayo on jacket potato woth salad was delicious. just the simply things.

only 2 syns for all this.

tea will be quorn meatballs with peppers mushrooms and onions accompained with pasta, this will be my lunch break at work

Monday, 26 November 2012

success but not alot eaten.

Well another day on my sw journey, day started off great.

Breakfast consisted of bacon and tomato and mushroom sandwich.

after this i wondered into town had a black coffee and sweetner halo shining

DIdmt manage to eat til my break at work this consisted of homemade tomato soup, shape yoghurt, apple, orange and pear. with space invaders pickled onion 3.5syns 

later when arrive home had low fat supernoodles with chill sauce 0.5syn 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Back to basics

Back to Basics

So Im from tomorrow,  already made tomato soup made with a magic ingredient 'pickle onion' 
Tomato soup
1 tin baked bean
1 tin chopped tom
1 tin carrots
1 veg stock cube
1/2 pint of boiling water 
1 pickled onion

Mixed all together and blitz warm when needed to eat.

So I haven't been around for a while, just been so busy at work. But tomorrow a new day. I lost 12lb in 6 weeks hoping to try and lost 1 1/2st by xmas. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself.

Fridge and freezer full, 2 more new gadgets brought actifry and food processor.

Ive made homemade coleslaw with my new food processor 2 syn for the whole lot which is worth it will make had least potions so can broken down to 1/2 syn a potion, its only 2 syn for extra light mayo 2tbsp, ingredients white n red cabbage, red onion, carrot, 

Have brought some laughing cow blue cheese, so in the week am making broccoli and blue cheese soup so watch this space for pics and the outcome. 

Im hoping to post regularly but to the work hours I will try my best.

Watch this space.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

What a week.

Hard to resist

Well what ive had sorry not posted just been really busy with work, well had such a bad week but the week did stay on track and managed to lose 8lb 

So that was a great start, I continued my journey and then saturday came and temptation was hard to resist at bargain prices so doughnuts and cupcakes from greggs, after the week I had a naughty day which shouldnt have happened, i shouldnt turn to alcohol and naughty food to make me feel better, things dont go away over night and also I would probably gain.

So todays sunday and a fresh start it is food diary writing again, rawing to go. So I started the morning off with a cooked breakfast.

This was delicious and syn free also I'm doing ee today this was just what I needed
Has the morning loomed I was little peckish so I decided something warm.

Dinner time was looming fancied some herby and garlic, might regret the garlic later at worl lol. 

This meal was 1.5 syn for the gravy, at work tonight so ive saved my heb and taking quorn lamb n steak strips with mix peppers onions and mushrooms with caujun spice this be on a sandwich.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wow Weekend Success

Success Weekend

So have such a successful weekend on slimming world. A weekend of delicious food and even had two glasses on wine one saturday and one today, all spritzer with diet lemonade.

So todays breakfast was delicious just the type of breakfast for a sunday Magic Porridge Pancake

35g of porridge (heb) strawberry yoghurt, and 2 eggs, leave porridge to soak with  yoghurt overnight, then add 2 eggs next day mix together and use a frying pan.

Lunch was looming and didn't fancy potato so made butternut squash and carrot mash along with chicken and lots of veg.

Made dessert which was slightly burnt merguine   This was eatable especially mixed quark and sweetener and mixed fruit.

Tea was diet coke chicken left over chicken with egg fried rice and salad, this is always a winner in our household.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Getting into the swing of things

Went shopping today after work was a nice change to have a healthy shop, packed with good food, bargains today at asda were: Batchelors rice, pasta in sauce, low fat noodles all for 50p these are great for green an ee days. Quorn on offer 3 for 5 pound.  Extra lean mince 250g 2 pound.

When got back had a delicious breakfast we used our new egg poucher for microwave they turned out great for 40 sec.

400g wholemeal bread (heb), baked beans, pouched egg, and green tea, this was a good start to the day.

After this i fell asleep due to nights so skipped lunch. Naughty i know.

Saturday does consists of alcohol however going to be good and have 1 large glass 6 syn the spritzer it with lemonade which last longer.

So decided to make quorn mushy pea curry batchelors mexican rice and homemade chips.
all syn free

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Start New Me.

So today I went to slimming world back to my old class, was welcomed with open arms.

so day one the plan has been a success but due to going to the class in the morning and working a night shift spent most of the afternoon sleeping have eaten great today superfood and free foods. Only used 1 syn. and heb. Tried the new rocky road hifi its a must now.

This was my syn  free tea quorn fillet, paasta, mushrooms, onion corn on cob sweet potato.

Weekend will soon be here planning and cooking is the key.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Me before sw and me now

This is me now nearly 4st gone
This was me before Slimming World

Start of New SW Journey

Thursday 11th October

This will be my official day I start back to Slimming World. I'm quite excited about this journey its been far too long yoing yoing. I need to do this for me. 
Planning is the key also preparing meals has at the moment i work nights.

In this Blog, There will recipes, pictures of home cooking food, feelings, Pictures of me.